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My Container House

Now that I’ve found a very good possibility for a piece of land. The land is $10,000. I need to raise some serious funds to obtain it!
I’ve come up with all kinds of ideas about the modification of the house.
How the house has that big glass entry, I want that on both ends.
The house wil be 100 feet in length. Two 40 foot containers with a 20 foot container, comprise the length.
I’m thinking the spacing between the containers, to make the width, would be at least 20 feet. So, that would make the width of the house about 36 feet.
I hope that I’m able to have the house situated on a slant. Just to be able to show off it’s beauty!
As I was brainstorming, I think the most effective fund raiser may be a candy drive! I need to get this out there! I need to sell 10,000 candy bars quick! I want this to last about a month.

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